Annamarie Fidel-Rice, Ph.D. ~ Psychotherapist and Author

A Soulful Journey

through the transformative properties of grief
The Alchemy of Grief: Embracing Mourning through Grace is a soulful journey through the transformative properties of grief. Looking at how we approach grief in American society and previous literature published to date, this book presents a new grief model and explores how an experience of loss can be transformed through the alchemical processes of mortificatio, solutio, calcinatio, sublimatio, coagulatio, separatio, and coniunctio. Each has its own healing properties, and each shows up at just the right time. Drawing on alchemy as a support system for conscious grief work, Dr. Fidel-Rice interviews eight grieving souls whose stories powerfully illustrate the alchemical processes. This is an important book for any person dealing with grief and a must have for any therapist working with a grieving patient.